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First things first — Congratulations!  You are about to begin an exciting journey towards becoming a published Niche Profit Marketing instructor, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.  At the end of the process you’ll be the proud instructor of a high quality online course with the potential to change the lives of students around the world!  Sound exciting?  We can’t wait!

The articles on the lefthand menu list will give you information on every step of the course creation process. They are also chock-a-block with links directing you to other, similarly helpful resources.

We’ve mapped out below where some of these links will take you — think of this as a map of the resource landscape on Niche Profit Marketing.

Course Creation involves effective teaching

The Niche Profit Studio: There’s no better course creation resource than a community of instructors who are also working on building their own courses.  This group on Facebook is always on, always there, and always helpful.  If you’re struggling with video editing, need some help getting your course ideas in the right order, or want to talk about promotional strategies (or want to talk about anything at all!) the Studio is the place for you.  Come join us!

Niche Profit Marketing Instructor Support: Want to publish your course but keep getting an error message?  Is the bulk uploader not working?  Wondering how you get paid?  For any and all questions about the workings of the Udemy website, check out our Support page (we recommend looking first at this Getting Started Guide)

Niche Profit Marketing Review Team: Wondering why you can’t see your course in the marketplace?  Want to improve your course but don’t know where to start?  Go to your ‘Course Feedback’ page to read the Review Team’s feedback on your course.  Note that this is only for published courses (and for more information on the Udemy Review process, read the next article).

Now let’s get started!

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